The most comprehensive program for learning, integrating, and applying the project management and mindset tools that will help you get your writing done with ease and consistency.

The Jam Experience is the only implementation program of its kind that shows you exactly how to create consistent progress with your writing, using proven processes, tools and techniques — and does so while boosting your creative confidence and reconnecting you to the joy of the writing adventure.


Writers + Project Management = Jam

Before we get into all the program details, let’s talk about who this is really for…

The Jam Experience is for committed writers like you. You have no shortage of determination, but you are tired of struggling to make progress and are ready for new writing practices that boost your confidence, build your motivation, and make it easier to get your writing done.

Whether you’re . . . 

  • A writer who loves process and is puzzled why your current approach is not getting you the results you want
  • A process-shy (possibly even process-averse) writer who senses that perhaps some structure and planning would make it easier to get your writing done
  • A writer somewhere in between who is intrigued by the notion of using project management techniques to amp up your writing productivity

You’re in the right place!

The Jam Experience will give you the flexible tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support and encouragement on your journey to unleash your writing progress.

Scroll on to learn more . . . 

Ready. Set. Jam!

Business teams get the benefit of project management support all the time. Now writers can, too.

The Jam Experience is a transformative 7-week program where you'll join a small "project team" of writers and receive the same expert project management, coaching, and training that writer and Goodjelly founder Christine Carron has delivered to business and creative teams for over twenty-five years.

Stop struggling alone. Stop struggling period.

Contrary to popular belief, constantly buckling-down, over-scheduling yourself, and attempting to max out every writing session is not a sustainable way to get your writing done.

Enough already with frustration, burnout, struggling, and stuck. Join the Jam Experience and say YES to more ease, more confidence, more consistency, and more progress on the writing adventure.

Want to hear from previous Jam Experience participants? Here are a few of our fab grads sharing how the Jam Experience impacted their writing process and progress.


Your new Jam skills await!


When you join the Jam Experience, you join a unique learning and doing program, where you are coached (and project managed!) the entire way through. At the end, you'll have a new set of skills and you will you have clear, measurable progress on your writing project.

Here's a taste of the Jam skills (i.e., the project management, process management, and mindset management skills) you will learn AND use in the program:

  • Why invisible work and open loops mess with your progress and what to do about them.
  • How a backlog helps you prioritize and focus.
  • Why a workflow trounces a to-do list when it comes to getting your writing done.
  • How to break your writing down into "moveable" chunks.
  • How to use friction strategically to help you focus and get things done.
  • Why attempting to maximize your productivity all the time doesn't work.
  • How to identify and rock your writing productivity style to create sustainable progress.
  • What buffers are and how they boost your confidence and resilience.
  • How to get real about your time, your capacity, and the ways you might be getting in your own way.
  • How to analyze and work through ANY writing block.
  • Why kindness is a strategic advantage and how to build it into your writing processes.
  • How to take charge of your work practices, boundaries, and habits so that they support your writing dreams.
  • How to handle delays or any unexpected changes to your plan without losing your cool or your confidence.
  • And so much more! 

Meet your Jam Experience Project Manager.

Hi there! I’m Christine Carron, founder of Goodjelly and writer on the adventure just like you. I’m also a project manager and process improvement consultant with over twenty-five years experience leading large-scale, multimillion dollar projects. 

I know how to facilitate progress and help people get things done. I’ve adapted all that know-how into the Jam Experience, an innovative program tailored specifically for writers. This is writing adventure project management Goodjelly style! Effective, transformative, and fun. 

Let’s jam!

What writers are saying about the Jam Experience.

MaryBeth M.

The Jam Experience has taught me techniques that I'm gonna carry with me throughout the rest of my writing process from here 'til however much longer I am in this industry.

Dana C.

When I had blocks of time, I wasn't able to use them very effectively, and that was frustrating to me . . . The Jam Experience facilitated the progress that I was not experiencing [on my own.]

Sondra S.

Christine really understands process and she understands what it means to be a creative person. I think creatives would particularly benefit from this work.


What's included when you enroll in the Jam Experience.

where you'll learn proven, flexible, and FUN processes that will allow you to make writing progress with greater ease and consistency.

where you'll gather on Zoom with Christine and your Jam cohort for coaching, Q&A, support and progress celebrations. All live calls are recorded.

a private online forum where you'll share your Jam progress, get feedback, and ask questions, and cheer on (and be cheered on by) your cohort.

in the forum, where you'll post your Jam progress for accountability, motivation, and momentum. 

Your jam cohort. Writers like you who are committed to learning the skills that will help them get their writing work done so they can make their writing dreams come true.

You will be project managed by Goodjelly founder Christine Carron, who as a writer herself has a deep understanding on how to adapt project management tools to the writing adventure.


$1,997 USD

January 2023 Cohort | Jan.4 - Feb. 24, 2023


Frequently Asked Questions 


The Goodjelly Jam Experience Guarantee

Goodjelly is fully committed to your success in the program. You can join the Jam Experience for 14 days. Because we understand that life can change, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money at any time within the 14 days.

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