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Join the Jam Straight to Unleash Your Writing Productivity

The Jam Straight is an unique and innovative membership 100% focused on helping writers build sustainable creative productivity using smart process, grounded power, and inner kindness. If you're ready to ditch the writing frustration, doubt, and despair and welcome flow, confidence and delight . . . then let's Jam!


Most Writers Struggle to Make Consistent, Confident Progress Because...

  • They lack the know-how to manage all their writing work
  • They don’t know how to take charge of their inner critic
  • They lose confidence in the face of blocks
  • They don’t use proven productivity tools to get results
  • They don’t know how to create momentum
  • They burn out trying to work harder instead of smarter

When you know how to Jam, you’ll be able to make consistent, confident progress on the writing adventure. 


How to Take Charge of Your Writing Adventure

1. Apply

Complete the short application and schedule a call with Goodjelly Founder Christine Carron to see if The Jam Straight is right for you.

2. Participate in The Jam Straight

This annual membership program will give you everything you need to create consistent and confident writing productivity: learning, coaching, and a supportive community of writers all committed to delighting in their writing adventure. 

3. Get Your Writing Done

When you know how to Jam, will get your writing done with ease and speed.

Your Jam Straight annual membership includes…

  • 24 Live Coaching Calls with Goodjelly Founder Christine Carron, the original Jam Maven!
  • Access to the growing library of Jam Straight learning modules, including the foundational Jam On! module, the Power-Up! module, and the Inner Critic Module. 
  • 24x7 access to the Jam Straight learning hub and private community space.
  • Ongoing encouragement and support around your writerly work, process, and mindset.
  • Join a growing community of writers just like you who are ready to take charge of their writing adventures. Wahoo!
  • Early access to Goodjelly workshops, retreats, and special programs.

"Learning to Jam helped me to acknowledge and manage the complex factors that affect my writing. My daily writing work is more well-defined with a clear point of done. I feel a sense of accomplishment each day. Overall, I'm working with more self-awareness, more up front problem-solving and more curiosity and patience. Knowing how to Jam has given me much better writerly health."

Sondra S.

"Christine has been amazing, keeping us focused and on track, helping us learn how to better manage ourselves, our work, and our inner speak. The support of the community has been phenomenal too. I’m so glad I made this investment."

MaryBeth M.

"Learning to Jam has given me a real orientation toward manageable, sustainable wins. It helped me access greater focus and efficiency. "

Dana C.

Meet your Jam Leader.

Hi there! I’m Christine Carron, founder of Goodjelly and writer on the adventure just like you. I’m also a project manager and process improvement consultant with over twenty-five years experience helping individuals unleash their productivity and progress. 

I've made it my mission to help writers build sustainable creative productivity using smart process, grounded power, and inner kindness.

Let’s Jam!

Apply Now

After you submit your application, you’ll schedule a call with Christine. These calls are about 10 minutes and very casual. Christine wants to make sure the program is the best fit for you!


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