The Writerly Inner Critic Guide

Boost your writerly confidence today by partnering up with your Writerly Inner Critic.

We know that seems counter intuitive, but we promise it's a solid strategy. Revamping how you relate to your Writerly Inner Critic will amp up not only your confidence as a writer, but your joy for the writerly adventure, too.  Download Goodjelly's FREE Writerly Inner Critic Guide today and:

  • See how your Writerly Inner Critic (WIC) is actually on your side.
  • Measure the current strength of your WIC using our exclusive Writerly Inner Critic Assessment.
  • Learn how to start building a positive partnership with your Writerly Inner Critic . . . and more!
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Here's what writers are saying about Goodjelly's Writerly Inner Critic Guide

  • This is a great resource. Especially the Writerly Inner Critic Assessment. My Writerly Inner Critic is as strong as I expected, but it also showed me where I do have confidence in myself and my writing. I’m going to build on that. 
  • Eye-opening. I never would have thought that the critical voice inside me could be trying to help me.
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I downloaded this guide. I’m glad I did. I’ve done a lot of work to not be so harsh on myself, and my intensity score validated all that work. I’m also clear now on where I still have some work to do. Thanks.

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