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The Mission

Here at Goodjelly, we love writers. They are our peeps. We hold the space for their awesomeness. An awesomeness honed and expanded through the tribulations, triumphs and, yes, even the boring slogs of a writing adventure.

We are 100% focused on expanding writerly confidence, equilibrium, and joy. We consider ourselves facilitators, and in everything we do, we are all about helping writers stay connected to the wonder of the craft, the wonder of the process, and the wonder of themselves.

That’s the Goodjelly way.

The Founder

Process improvement maven Christine Carron has helped individuals and teams function more effectively for over twenty-five years. Her clients call her The Wolf meets Mary Poppins due to the rigor, focus, and fun she brings to whatever she does.

In 2018, Christine blended her love of writing with her expertise in personal and interpersonal productivity to launch The Critique MD blog, which focused on writers finding more joy and equilibrium in the critique process. In 2020, the blog’s mission expanded to help writers unleash their awesome no matter the context, and that is how Goodjelly came to be.

Like the writers she and her team serve, Christine is actively on the writing adventure. She is a children’s book writer and is represented by Ammi-Joan Paquette of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

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