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The writing adventure doesn't have to be so hard. Let us show you how to make it easier. 

The finest craft skills on the planet won't help when you're struggling to make the progress you want to make with your writing. When you're tanked from another rejection. When your Inner Critic is launching blitz attacks on you non-stop, and your morale and motivation are in tatters. 

Clear-headed project management and mindset skills will.

When you know how to organize, prioritize, and plan your writing work for flow, when you know how to bring yourself into balance no matter what, the whole adventure gets easier. You get more writing done, and you get it done with greater ease, confidence, and joy. Now that's some Goodjelly!

Want to get started? Learn how to tackle any writing blocks with our FREE Unlock your Blocks audio lesson. Writing blocks don't stand a chance when you handle them like a project manager.


Stop struggling alone. Stop struggling period. 

The Jam Experience, our signature, multi-week course, is a unique and innovative program for writers that will transform your writing adventure.

Led by Goodjelly founder, Christine Carron, you will experience the same powerhouse project management and coaching support that Christine provides to creative, high-performing teams around the world. You will learn how to break down your work, plan for progress, tackle any block in real time, manage your capacity, build your momentum and confidence, and get your writing done. You will do so with cohort of writers, all committed to acing the writing adventure. 


"When I had blocks of time, I wasn't able to use them very effectively, and that was frustrating to me . . . The Jam Experience facilitated the progress that I was not experiencing."


"The Jam Experience has taught me techniques that I'm gonna carry with me throughout the rest of my writing process from here 'til however much longer I am in this industry."


"It was stuff I thought I should know how to do, and I didn't . . . our eyes were all opened to the ways that we were getting in our own way."


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