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The Mission

We help writers take charge of their writing adventure using smart process, grounded power, and inner kindness. 

Too many writers struggle with process and productivity challenges such as how to organize and prioritize their work, how to stay out of overwhelm, how to stay motivated, and how to get their work done consistently. These problems cause blocks, frustration, doubt, even despair, and leave writers wondering: Do I have what it takes? Am I good enough? Is my writing good enough? It’s a vicious cycle that will not be resolved by more craft classes, more inner critic attacks, or more forced, joyless slogs to get words on the page.  

That’s where we come in. We teach writers the process and mindset skills they need to create consistent ease, confidence and progress on the writing adventure. Our blog is a weekly source of practical inspiration and uplift, reaching writers around the globe. In our innovative coaching program The Jam Straight we show writers how to get their writing done with calm, ease, confidence, and speed—and how to reconnect to the delight of the writing adventure.

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The Founder

Christine Carron is a writer and productivity expert. Her deep knowledge of process, psychology, and technology coupled with her natural ebullience allows her to create transformative, lasting change for writers.

Christine honed her productivity know-how for over twenty-five years, working with scientists and software developers, admins and academics, designers and dog trainers, and, of course, writers. She understands process, blocks, and how to unleash a person’s natural creativity and productivity—no matter the métier.

Writing, making art, and dance have been constants in her life, both as healing and as joy-creating practices. On a daily basis, Christine uses her business process and productivity chops to inform her own writing adventure.

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