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No. 139 | By Christine Carron

Goodjelly’s 100% focus on writing productivity using process and mindset tools is unique. Writers learn no craft in my programs. They don’t share their work for critiques. They don’t have to critique anyone’s work.

So what do we get up to in a program for writers that teaches nothing of what is traditionally taught in writing programs?

We get up to you taking charge of all your writing work in an innovative and empowering way. We get up to you confidently and consistently getting your writing done. We get up to you actually delighting in your writing adventure.

All of that is completely possible.

But it involves a whole set of tools and way of thinking that most writers have never been exposed to, which is why I am so excited for today’s post. I get to show you a sample of what I do. Today, you get to be a fly on the wall for some Goodjelly goodness in action. Sweet!

In the video above, you will see how I work with a storyteller. In this case, I’m working with Gerald, a documentary filmmaker who won a grant to create a documentary series about a local band. Cool, right?

The only pickle? The first episode is due by the end of the year, time was ticking, and he was blocked. He had done standalone documentaries before, but not a series, and he was stuck around how to ensure each episode had its own arc but also supported the overall arc of the six episodes.

Gerald is a fellow entrepreneur and suggested I film the session. When it was done, he asked me to send him the files and then proceeded to whip up the video below for me in less than 24 hours so I could share this with you all. 

Wow! And thank you, Gerald!

And so, to see some Goodjelly magic in action, click play above and here we go . . . 

Note #1: When I start talking about dates, I make an error at one point regarding the timeline, so don't try to work that out in your head. (Talking about dates without a calendar in front of me is always a bit dicey.) The key point is that I was working backwards from his first major milestone and identifying the critical checkpoints that will help him hit that deadline.

Note #2: Buckle up once the video hits the 25:40 mark, and I pull in my whiteboard, because that is when I (speed) walk Gerald through a few of the core tools in the Jam toolkit. Wahoo!

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