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On Snail Pace and Other Process Misconceptions

Dec 21, 2020

By Christine Carron

Process is the third of the five core Goodjelly Moves. I’m a process improvement consultant by trade, so there was pretty much no way the Moves wouldn’t contain Process in one form or another. That bias aside, I comfortably assert that Process—loosely defined as both the structure of things and the way of doing things—is inescapable on a writing adventure.

Take even the decision of what to write. If you decide to write a haiku versus a novel, you have chosen a different structure. Additionally, you will engage in a different way of doing...

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On Not Being A Taxi If You Don’t Want to Be A Taxi

Dec 14, 2020

By Christine Carron

One of the core Goodjelly Moves is Power. Writing a novel takes serious solitude fortitude. Day after day, it’s just you, the page, and the story waiting for you to get its glory translated into sentences, scenes, and chapters. But, of course, solitude is only part of the process. 

There’s a whole lot of collaboration involved in the making-a-book process as well. To ace collaboration without getting resentful, overextended, or discombobulated, it’s important to set and keep good boundaries.  In order to do that, it’s important to...

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On Creating GOTAV Balance

Dec 07, 2020

By Christine Carron 

One of the core Goodjelly moves is creating Possibility. You can create Possibility in the context of your entire writing adventure or in your writing itself. In this post, we are zooming in on the writing, to the details of description itself and the possibilities that come for us, and for our readers, when we use all of our senses in our stories. To do that well, it helps to tend to the GOTAV balance.

Note: No need to google GOTAV, I just made it up. (Though I just googled it to make sure I had actually made it up.)

What is GOTAV?

  • Gustatory
  • Olfactory
  • Tactile
  • A...
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